Carrie Fisher did a lot of work after Star Wars yet most people will know her for her portrayal of Princess Leia in the Star Wars franchise. It is without a doubt one of the most memorable on-screen characters ever created. Fisher returned to play Leia in Star Wars: The Force Awakens and while fans would have loved to see more of her in the upcoming Star Wars movies, sadly she passed away in December last year. However, her brother has said that she will be making an appearance in Star Wars: Episode 9.

Fisher does have a role in the upcoming Star Wars: Episode 8 movie and it has already been confirmed that she had completed filming all of her scenes in the movie prior to her death. Her brother Todd Fisher confirmed to the Daily News of New York that the family has given Disney the rights to use recent footage of Carrie Fisher for the final movie in this new trilogy.

She won’t be brought back in CG, though, as Lucasfilm has previously announced that it’s not going to use computer generated images of Fisher to complete her roles in any subsequent movies.

The next movie, Star Wars Episode 8: The Last Jedi, finished filming back in July 2016. Disney CEO Bob Iger has said that Fisher will appear throughout the movie as originally intended and that no edits have been made after her passing. Star Wars Episode 8 hits the big screen on December 15th.

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