The great thing about cloud storage is that no matter what device you’re on, you’ll be able to access the same files. This is versus more conventional storage mediums like external hard drives or flash drives where you’ll have to bring it around with you wherever you go, and the good news for Dropbox users is that the service has recently gotten a new web interface.

In an announcement on the company’s blog, Dropbox has revealed that they have given its web interface a facelift. According to Dropbox, “When you’re working with others, finding the right file is just the beginning. What about all the other work that happens around those files? Sometimes that context and those sharing relationships are just as important as the file itself. That’s why we’re excited to roll out our new redesigned website to all users today.”

Now if you’ve already installed Dropbox on your computer and have it integrated with your OS, then maybe this new web interface won’t be as big a deal. However if you do travel and use different machines from time to time to access Dropbox, this new web interface will no doubt come in handy.

Dropbox is boasting that its new web UI will offer up simpler navigation, more information at a glance, better account separation/management for those who use Dropbox for work, school, or personal, and there is also a new admin console that helps Dropbox Business admins manage their teams. The new UI should already be live so hit up Dropbox’s website if you want to check it out.

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