Lenovo launched the Yoga Book back in 2016 where it was available with either Android or Windows 10 as the operating system of choice. However it later confirmed that Lenovo would be launching a Chrome OS version of the Yoga Book that would be released later in 2017, but it seems that those plans might have been cancelled.

In a report from Chrome Unboxed, they spotted on a comment in the Chromium repository which reads, “This works on my Pbody. I know Pbody is dead, but we should merge this patch in anyway so we don’t have to solve this issue again if we ever use touch_keyboard again.” For those who are wondering, Pbody is apparently the codename for the Chrome OS version of the Yoga Book.

Based on this comment, it seems that the project has been dead for a while, although neither Google nor Lenovo has confirmed anything yet. We’re not sure why the project might have been killed, but maybe in terms of sales the device wasn’t selling as well as it should, so spending more resources to create yet another version could have been seen as a waste.

In any case like we said nothing has been confirmed yet so take it with a grain of salt for now, but maybe you shouldn’t get your hopes up for a Chrome OS Yoga Book just yet.

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