Out of all the Marvel TV series released on Netflix, the latest Iron Fist series is probably the most poorly-received of the four of them to date. There have been many complaints about the series, one that we’re sure many are hoping will not spill over into The Defenders series which will see all four characters come together.


However interestingly enough despite the bad reviews of the series, it turned out to be the most binge-watched Netflix show of 2017, or at least so far given that we’re only now in April. In a report b y 7Park Data (via Variety), the show’s premiere on the 17th of March was the most binge-watched of 2017 so far as it accounted for 14.6% of all Netflix streams on that day.

To give you guys some context and perspective, Stranger Things’ premiere only accounted for 4%, while Daredevil Season 2 managed 13.8%. According to 7Park Data senior analyst Christopher Coby, “The actual streams data tells us that what critics consider the best shows and what streaming viewers consider the best are sometimes two very different things.”

It is true that sometimes what reviews consider terrible might be different from what consumers think. For example the Warcraft movie which was poorly reviewed actually did pretty well for itself financially.

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