If you’re looking to buy a fitness tracker that provides only the most basic features without breaking the bank then Misfit would like you to take a look at its latest product. The Misfit Flare is a barebones fitness tracker that costs $59.99. It keeps track of basic metrics and doesn’t include some of the features that are normally found on activity trackers that cost well over $100.

This is a barebones fitness tracker because the objective here is to provide a useful product to customers at a low price point.

The Misfit Flare can track your steps, the distance you’ve traveled, and how many calories you have burned in the process. It even has sleep tracking so you can see in the morning for how many hours you were out the previous night.

Features like movement reminders and the ability to receive text and call alerts that are normally found on Misfit devices are missing from the Flare. That’s because Misfit wanted to offer a cheap device that offers core fitness tracking features. Those who would like to have those features can buy one of its other fitness trackers that cost over $100.

One interesting feature that the Flare does have is a touch-sensitive button that’s also the face of the tracker. It can be customized to perform several actions like pausing and playing music or taking a picture with your smartphone’s camera.

Misfit Flare is available now for $59.99. It does support swim tracking but that feature can only be unlocked by paying $9.99 extra via the Misfit app.

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