A new hybrid smartwatch has been launched today by Misfit and it actually looks quite good. It’s similar in function to Misfit’s previous hybrid smartwatch, the Phase. Hybrid smartwatches aim to provide customers with the best of both worlds. They get an analog wristwatch that has some smart features which can be used without a touchscreen display. This means that the product doesn’t need to be charged. You just need to pop in a fresh battery every six months or so.

The Misfit Command smartwatch is capable of tracking the users steps and calories. It also handles notifications so it can inform users about texts, calls, and other notifications that pop up on a linked smartphone.

There’s no LCD display here since this is a hybrid smartwatch. The graphic icons on the small secondary dial will light up to inform the user about notifications and what not.

It even has a smart button that can be programmed to specific functions like taking a photo or controlling music playback. As previously mentioned, the Command is similar in functionality to the Phase. It’s the icons on the secondary dial that make it easier for users to live with a hybrid smartwatch.

Misfit has said that the Command is going to last for up to a year before the battery needs to be replaced. It’s water resistant up to 50 meters and is available in black steel, navy blue, black copper, and steel finishes. Misfit will start shipping it on November 28th. The Misfit Command costs $149.99.

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