Pretty much all smartwatches today do the same thing, which is that they track your vitals like steps, distance walked, calories burnt, your heart rate, display notifications from your smartphone, let you check/send messages/emails, control music playback, and so on. However the Monograph smartwatch wants to be different.


In a world where we have our faces buried in our phones and tablets, the Monograph is a smartwatch that doesn’t want to let its wearer forget important moments. The watch comes with a big red button on its side than when pressed, will help users record important moments in their life, like a birthday, a wedding, graduation, a promotion at work, and so on.

The watch also comes with an accompanying app that lets users edit those moments by adding text, images, and videos to it, and ultimately what this does is that it creates a highlight reel of your life. We’re not sure if this is everything that users look for in a smartwatch, but it is an interesting idea.

However putting aside the somewhat novel feature, the Monograph smartwatch is a beautifully designed timepiece so even if you have no use for its features, the watch itself would look great simply as a fashion accessory. To learn more watch the video above, or head on over to Kickstarter to pledge your support.

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