You might recall that last year that a group of people came together to help create a table that essentially recreated the real-life version of Atari’s popular PONG game. We were wondering if that table would ever become purchasable by the masses, and the good news is that if you’re willing to spend the money, you can own it.

This is because the creators behind the prototype have launched a campaign on Kickstarter where they are seeking funds to help make the PONG coffee table a reality. Safe to say this particular version looks a lot more finished and polished compared to the prototype we saw last year, and at this time of posting the project has actually exceeded its goal of $250,000.

However like we said, it does not come cheap at $1,100 (or $990 if you were referred to by other pledgers). For those unfamiliar with PONG, it’s basically a game where two players battle it out against each other by sending a “ball” from one end to the other and bouncing it off the sides of the “wall” or the paddles in an attempt to make a goal. In a way it’s pretty much similar to those table hockey games you see in the arcades.

The real-life version is more or less the same thing except that it comes with added features like USB charging ports, Bluetooth connectivity, and you can even hide the controllers when you want to use it as just a regular coffee table. If you’re interested to learn more check out the video above.

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