When it comes to Apple’s acquisitions, most of them are companies that the average person might not be familiar with. However one of the Apple’s more mainstream acquisitions was Beats from a couple of years ago, which many are familiar not only with their headphones and audio equipment, but also Beats Music.


It turns out that Apple could be making another major acquisition in the future, or at least are contemplating it because according to a note from analysts at Barclays, it seems that there is talk that Apple is eyeing the acquisition of a media company. The company in question was not specified.

This note comes from analysts Mark Moskowitz and Daniel Gaide who claims that this acquisition will allow Apple to achieve its services growth goals. An alternative would be a cloud services company. “Based on our conversations, many investors currently believe that a major acquisition by Apple would be focused on the media sector. However, we believe a cloud acquisition could better position Apple for the long term by providing the company with greater exposure to the enterprise, while allowing the company to utilize its large consumer cloud resources.”

Whether or not this acquisition will happen remains to be seen, but in the past there have been talks about Apple eyeing media companies, so maybe this isn’t really that much of a stretch after all.

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