Since it would be a difficult and expensive task to try and bring students in a classroom to various parts of the world for educational experiences, what Google has done is launch Expeditions which basically allows educators to give students a similar experience using the technology of virtual reality.

Now it seems that Google has decided to expand on Expeditions and this time by using augmented reality. Announced at I/O 2017, Google has decided to use its Tango technology to help bring AR to the classroom and to its Expeditions service, which you can see for yourself in the video above.

According to Google, “More than two million students have taken virtual field trips with Expeditions using Cardboard, and this fall, we’re bringing AR lessons to schools through our Pioneer Program. With Expeditions AR, students can gather around the Statue of David, a strand of DNA, or even a whirling Category 5 hurricane without leaving the classroom.”

It looks pretty fun and given that it only requires the use of a smartphone with Tango technology, it might be more accessible compared to trying to get multiple VR headsets. Educators who are interested in getting Expeditions AR to their classes can sign up in the Pioneer Program on Google’s website.

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