The Apple Watch ahead of its unveiling was heralded as a smartwatch to end all smartwatches, but fast forward two-generations later, it doesn’t really look to be that case. While the numbers do indicate that the Apple Watch is one of the more popular wearables around, it seems that not everyone thinks that it might succeed.

This could explain why certain major apps have quietly pulled their support for the device. According to reports, it has been noticed that major apps such as Google Maps has dropped support for Apple Watch, and there is no mention as to whether Google plans on eventually reinstating it.

It could have been a fluke if it were not for other apps such as Amazon and eBay also dropping support. Both apps initially had support for Apple Watch but in an update in late May, it was discovered that they had ended support for the platform. Now it could merely be a usability issue where maybe shopping on your watch isn’t exactly the most convenient of user interfaces.

However an alternative could be that maybe companies don’t really see the Apple Watch succeeding and have decided that maybe the resources spent supporting it could be used for something else. Of course this hardly spells the end for the Apple Watch, but it is a bit troubling that some major apps appear to be abandoning the platform.

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