You can imagine that there are extremely strict security protocols for any electronic device used by the President of the United States. It’s the most powerful job in the world and requires utmost secrecy where the president’s communications are concerned. President Trump does have an iPhone that he uses, and the only third-party app that’s installed on it won’t surprise you one bit.

It was first reported back in March that President Trump was using an iPhone. Previous reports suggested that he relied on a Samsung device to send out his flurry of tweets on the campaign trail.

A new report published by Axios today reveals that there’s only one app on President Trump’s iPhone and it’s Twitter. That’s not going to surprise anyone as we all know how fond he is of using the micro-blogging service to share his views and opinions with the world, even after he has been elected the country’s president.

Those views and opinions have often proven to be controversial and have ignited heated debates on many topics, but President Trump’s penchant for using Twitter to express himself hasn’t really withered even after he took office.

The report doesn’t say if Trump’s iPhone doesn’t have any other third-party apps except for Twitter of it security concerns prevent him from installing any other non-native apps on his smartphone as they have been blocked.

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