Sometimes certain software features were designed for a specific purpose, although sometimes they end up being used for something else that might seem unexpected. For example Siri was designed to offer up a hands-free experience when using an Apple device, but in recent times we’ve seen how it could be used to save lives.

Back in March we heard how a 4-year old managed to save his mom using Siri to call for help, and now according to a report from Fox 4 (via CNET), a group of fishermen are also crediting Siri for saving their lives. The report goes that three fishermen in Florida were out on the seas off the coast of Key Biscayne when the boat began to take on water and started to sink.

The fishermen tried to use their phones to call 911, but it seems that their cold and wet fingers would not allow them to interact with the phone’s touchscreen display, which is when Siri came into use where they used their voice to ask Siri to call for help. Thankfully a coast guard helicopter was able to locate the men who were eventually rescued by the Miami-Dade Police.

It also turns out that the iPhone that they were using was the iPhone 7 which is water-resistant, so talk about lucky!

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