When the Samsung Galaxy S8 was launched, many were questioning Samsung’s decision to put the fingerprint scanner on the back of the phone, especially so near the camera. This was a big deal because prior to this, Samsung had kept the fingerprint scanner on the front. A rumor surfaced later which suggested that Apple could follow suit with a rear-facing Touch ID.

As much as we’re hoping the rumors aren’t true, a new schematic has made its way online in which it allegedly shows the design of the iPhone 8, and sure enough like the rumors said, it shows the Touch ID sensor placed smack right in the middle back portion of the phone which looks pretty damn awkward.

Interestingly enough the schematic also shows a redesigned camera in which the lenses are stacked vertically instead of horizontally, which is in line with an earlier crude sketch that made its way online last week. Safe to say you should take this leaked schematic with a huge dose of salt for now since there’s no way of proving that it is the real deal.

However as 9to5Mac points out, the photo shows that this is Apple’s third revision in the Engineering Validation Test, which means that it could be in the very early stages of development which means that things could change moving forwards, so hopefully this won’t be the final product.

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