At E3 2017, one of the changes that Microsoft announced would be coming to Minecraft would be in the form of a 4K update. The game’s developer Mojang is expected to release an update called the Super Duper Graphics Pack which will bring 4K graphics to the game, along with a ton of visual improvements.


If you’re wondering how different this will be, a report from Engadget should shed some light on it. As you can see in the screenshot above, the image in the left is how Minecraft looks at the moment. The image on the right is what the game looks like following the update. Now the update has yet to be released so what you see might not necessarily be the final look, but based on what we can tell right now it looks fantastic.

Granted Minecraft has never really been a game known for its realistic graphics, but considering that these days gamers have access to better and more powerful hardware, like the recently announced Xbox One X, we guess it makes sense for them to want to update it visually so that maybe it won’t feel quite as dated as before.

In addition to the graphics upgrade, Microsoft also announced that Minecraft will be going cross-platform, where gamers on different devices can play with each other save for the PS4. In regards to that, senior global communications manager Aubrey Norris told Engadget, “It’s not for lack of wanting to or effort on our part. We are in discussions with our partners right now. We want PlayStation and we invite Sony to bring PlayStation players onto Bedrock.”

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