While Bethesda’s Skyrim might not necessarily be the latest RPG available at the moment, it seems that the developer is milking the heck out of it. The company not only announced a remaster of the game in the form of Skyrim Special Edition, but they’ll also be bringing it onto the Nintendo Switch with brand new controls.

Now it looks like gamers who own the PlayStation VR will be able to experience the game again in a VR setting. Yup, it looks like Bethesda is definitely getting into the spirit of VR as they have announced that they will be bringing Skyrim onto the PlayStation VR, where aside from giving players a different perspective and a different experience, we’re not sure how different it will be from the original.

However it looks like the game will also be taking advantage of the motion controls of the PlayStation VR, so just like in version in the Nintendo Switch, players will be able to control the game in new and different ways. Unfortunately in terms of a release date, Bethesda did not announce when Skyrim for the PlayStation VR will be released so we’ll just have to wait for it.

In addition to Skyrim, Bethesda also announced that they will be bringing Fallout 4 into VR, so like we said, it seems that VR appears to be the focus of Bethesda at E3 this year.

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