According to Apple, the Touch Bar feature on the new MacBook Pro models is meant to act as an extension to the keyboard, as opposed to being seen as a secondary display of sorts. However it has not stopped developers from finding all sorts of ways to mess around with the feature, such as by installing Doom on it.

Granted the size of the Touch Bar clearly does not make it an ideal environment to play Doom, but how about Mario? Yup, it seems that in a post on Reddit (via BGR), Redditor PietroMess has created what seems to be Super Mario for the Touch Bar, and for those who are interested you can actually go ahead and download it.

The post reads, “Just bought the new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar and I’m pretty happy to share with you the mini “game” that I was able to build. You need to avoid the obstacles, that will be Goomba and Brick, from Super Mario Bros. The game is pretty easy and it’s pretty similar to Dino for Google Chrome when internet connection is not available.”

Note that the app is being hosted on the uploader’s Dropbox account, which as one of the comments on the post states that maybe downloading and running executable files from random places on the internet is probably not the best idea. The original poster states that they will eventually upload it onto GitHub, so maybe until then, proceed with the download at your own risk (download link is on the Reddit page).

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