Back in May it was reported that there was a particularly nasty piece of ransomware called “WannaCry” that was making its rounds globally. It was pretty big news for a while but things eventually subsided, although to say that the malware has been stopped would be a rather irresponsible thing to say, especially considering its latest victim.

In a report from Reuters, it has been confirmed by Honda Motors that the WannaCry ransomware has managed to find its way into the company’s computer systems at one of its manufacturing plants at Sayama, Japan, forcing the company to shut down production temporarily while it was being sorted out.

The company had discovered on Sunday that the malware had managed to affect networks not just in Japan, but also in North America, Europe, and China, just to name a few regions. However thankfully production at the company’s other plants had not been affected and that they managed to get the Sayama plant back up and running on Tuesday, according to a Honda spokeswoman.

Honda isn’t the first carmaker to be affected by this malware as it has been previously reported that Renault and Nissan had also been affected, and were also forced to temporarily halt production at their respective plants. Recent reports have pointed at North Korea possibly being the one responsible for launching the WannaCry attacks to begin with.

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