China has its own simulation experiment to see what it would be like to survive on another planet. Four university students in Beijing are now taking part in a 200-day isolation experiment that is meant to simulate life on another planet like Mars or the Moon. The experiment is called Lunar Palance 365.

The students are going to be confined in a small space for 200 days. They are only going to have the resources that they would likely have on the Moon or on Mars.

They’ll have to generate oxygen from plants, a crucial step, seeing as how they won’t be able to survive without oxygen when they’re really up there. They will also have to recycle urine for drinking water and have to make do with very limited supplies.

It’s also going to be a big psychological challenge for the students. They will do various tasks daily so that they remain motivated and committed to this simulation experiment for the entire duration. Since it’s a proper simulation, they will remain confined in a small space while being cut off from friends and family for 200 days.

It will also be monitored how long the students can go without sunlight and that’s going to have a direct impact on their mental and physical health.

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