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Back in February it was reported that the beta of Google Chrome (back then) had signs of support for the MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar. This is great news for Chrome users because so far, Apple’s Safari browser is the only major browser that offers up support for the Touch Bar, but not anymore thanks to the latest Chrome update.


In the latest version of Chrome, which is version 60, Google has updated the browser where it will now support Touch Bar which means that in addition to being able to browse and control the browsing experience the normal way with a keyboard and mouse, the Touch Bar assets will allow users to control their browser via the hardware feature as well.

For example users can use Touch Bar to go back or forwards on websites, refresh, add favorites, adding new tabs, and also bring up a search bar. We’re not sure how much faster or convenient this is compared to using keyboard shortcuts or a mouse, but perhaps for users who aren’t familiar with keyboard shortcuts might find it handy.

As AppleInsider points out, the support for Touch Bar in Chrome 60 remains largely unchanged from when Google previewed it earlier this year, meaning that in terms of functionality it is relatively barebones compared to what Safari offers, but perhaps that will change in the future.

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