It goes without saying that 4K will soon become the standard of the future in which we will watch our movies and TV shows on. It isn’t quite there yet at 4K TVs are still relatively expensive, not to mention there still isn’t a bunch of 4K content available, or at least compared to Full HD, but for those looking to futureproof themselves, here’s a new addition.

As announced by director James Gunn on Facebook (via Engadget), it seems that Disney will finally be releasing a 4K Blu-ray movie, and that will come in the form of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. According to Gunn, “Yes, it’s true, & I am UNBELIEVABLY EXCITED to announce that, after a couple of years of me begging and pleading, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 will be coming to home video in 4K UltraHD. It will be the FIRST Disney release to be released this way.”

We’re not sure what took Disney so long to release a 4K Blu-ray movie, but we guess better late than never, right? Gunn seems particularly excited about the release and adds, “4K UltraHD is almost certainly the best way you can see this movie at home – with more definition and the most vibrant colors possible on your home screen, and with the brightest brights and the blackest blacks.”

The movie was actually filmed using Red’s Weapon 8K camera, so if you do own a 4K TV at home and want to relive the magic, you’ll want to keep an eye out for its release, which last we heard based on an internal document was set for the 22nd of August.

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