Microsoft announced back in 2013 that it was working on a Halo TV series. We’ve not heard much about the Halo TV series since then. You can’t be faulted for believing that perhaps Microsoft gave up on this project altogether but that’s not at all true. Microsoft has confirmed that it hasn’t halted work on the project and that the Halo TV series is still in development.

Microsoft confirmed to AR12 gaming that it never stopped developing the Halo TV series and that work is still ongoing with Steven Spielberg and Showtime as it announced almost four years ago.

Microsoft-owned 343 Industries, the studio that’s responsible for all things Halo, says that the company is taking additional time to create the Halo TV series because it wants to make sure that the final product meets fans’ expectations.

Despite confirming that the project hasn’t been canceled, Microsoft hasn’t revealed a whole lot of details about the Halo TV series. So it’s unclear at this point in time when it’s going to be ready and when it’s going to premiere.

A spokesperson for the company has said that no further details are available to share at this time, so it’s going to take a while before Microsoft is more forthcoming with the details about the Halo TV series.

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