For the longest time ever, Netflix’s reach was somewhat limited, at least until early last year where Netflix announced that they would be expanding into 130 new markets. This meant that there would be millions of potential customers who could finally officially subscribe to the service without the need for a VPN.

It seems that their plan has paid off because according to the latest figures, Netflix has managed to blow past the 100 million subscriber mark. The company had previously managed to hit 100 million in April, and now the latest figures show that the company is chugging along rather nicely as they are currently sitting at around 104 million.

According to the company, they have also managed to top 50 million paying customers in the US market alone. In its earnings release, the company said, “With our content strategy paying off in strong member, revenue and profit growth, we think it’s wise to continue to invest. In continued success, we will deploy increased capital in content, particularly in owned originals, and, as we have said before, we expect to be [free cash flow] negative for many years.”

Netflix currently has plans to debut 40 movies later this year, as well as a bunch of new TV series and new seasons of existing TV series, so it looks like it will be a pretty busy year for the company.

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