For fans of mashup fighting games, you’re probably aware that last year Capcom announced Marvel VS Capcom: Infinite, the latest installment in the Marvel VS Capcom franchise. It seems that the entire roster of the game has yet to be revealed because it has since been announced that Spider-Man and Frank West have been added to the game.

This is in line with an earlier rumor/leak in which the entire roster of the game was revealed. The leak revealed the Spider-Man was one of the characters, and that on the Capcom side there was an unknown character, which at that time was speculated to be Dead Rising’s Frank West. The latest announcement pretty much confirms it, which means that there is a chance the rest of the leaked roster could be true too.

The game is currently set for a release later this year, or the 19th of September to be specific. At the moment seems to be only available for the PS4, Xbox One, and the PC. There was no mention of the Nintendo Switch so maybe Switch gamers probably shouldn’t hold their breath. Also as gamers might have noticed, this year’s Marvel VS Capcom title does not feature any X-Men.

This is something that the game’s producers have covered before, which in part has to do with the fact that the Marvel cinematic universe is more “popular” these days.

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