Jake Gyllenhaal Confirmed As Mysterio In Spider-Man: Far From Home

Earlier this year it was hinted that Mysterio could be the villain in Spider-Man: Far From Home. It was also reported that actor Jake Gyllenhaal could be the one to play the character. For those wondering how true the rumors are, you’ll be interested to learn that Gyllenhaal himself has since confirmed it on his Instagram page.

Spider-Man DLC Arrives On PS4 Next Week

The new Spider-Man game for PlayStation 4 has been very well received. It has got glowing reviews and players seem to love it. They now have something to look forward to next week as the first part of the DLC for this title is due this coming Tuesday. The DLC itself is called The City That Never Sleeps.

Spider-Man Garmin Vivofit Jr. 2 Is Aimed At Kids

Fitness trackers are great if you’re looking for a way to track your fitness activities. They can be used by people of all ages, although admittedly giving an Apple Watch to a kid might not be the best idea as they might damage it. However if you’d still like to equip your child with a fitness tracker, Garmin might have something for you.

New Villain Hinted At For ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Far From Home’s villain was previously revealed to be Mysterio, a member of the Sinister Six who is also reported to be played by Jake Gyllenhaal. However it seems that a new villain for the movie could have been teased in a set video uploaded by actor Tom Holland.


Limited Edition Spider-Man PS4 Pro Available For Pre-Order On Amazon

With the Sony PS4 Pro, the company essentially introduced a more souped up version of the PS4 that would allow it to play games at higher resolutions and smoother frame rates. However we expect that not everyone has hopped on board the PS4 Pro bandwagon yet, but if you are looking for an excuse, just last month Sony launched a limited edition Spider-Man PS4 Pro that looks stunning.

Spider-Man: Far From Home Additional Cast Members Revealed

Spoiler alert! For those who stuck around after Avengers: Infinity War, you probably saw how characters Nick Fury and Maria Hill were “killed” by Thanos. However the good news is that it looks like both characters didn’t die for real, because both of them are expected to play a role in the upcoming Spider-Man sequel.

Limited Edition Spider-Man PS4 Pro Unveiled

If you have yet to jump on the PS4 Pro bandwagon and you are thinking about it, Sony might have something that could tempt you. The company has recently unveiled a limited edition Spider-Man themed PS4 Pro which we have to admit is probably one of the more striking limited edition PS4 consoles we’ve seen to date.

Jared Leto Will Reportedly Be Playing ‘Morbius’ In Spider-Man Spinoff

As you might have heard, there were reports from last year suggesting that Sony could be expanding the Spider-Man movie franchise with spinoffs, and one of those spinoffs is based on Morbius the Living Vampire. It looks like the movie could be progressing nicely because according to a report from Variety, the lead character has been cast.

Spider-Man Homecoming Sequel Title Confirmed

Tom Holland, who plays Spider-Man now, starred in the first movie in the rebooted franchise called Spider-Man: Homecoming. He recently reprised his role in Avengers: Infinity War. He was prone to revealing spoilers about the movie that he wasn’t supposed to during the press tour so much so that it became a major talking point during the cast’s appearance on talk shows and press junkets. Marvel appears to have leveraged […]

Spider-Man: Homecoming 2 Expected To Feature Huge Costume Change

For those who love superhero movies, come 2019 there will be quite a few to look forward to. For example there will be Captain Marvel, Avengers 4, and also Spider-Man: Homecoming’s sequel. Now for Spider-Man, we’ve seen how Peter Parker got a new costume in Avengers: Infinity War.

New Spider-Man PS4 Game Release Date Confirmed

It has long been known that a new Spider-Man game for PlayStation 4 is being developed and the studio has finally confirmed the title’s release date today. It’s going to be available later this year. The new Spider-Man game is going to be one of the biggest releases for the PlayStation 4 this fall. Insomniac Games is the developer behind this title.

Spider-Man Rumored To Appear In Sony’s ‘Venom’ Movie

Last year to everyone’s surprise, Sony announced that they would be producing a Venom movie. For those unfamiliar, Venom is probably one of Spider-Man’s more notable villains, although he also does play the role of an anti-hero at times. No doubt this got everyone excited, but oddly enough there were reports claiming Spider-Man wouldn’t be in it.

Spider-Man: Homecoming’s Director Will Return For The Sequel

Following the resounding success of Spider-Man: Homecoming, many are excited for its sequel, which if you stayed until the end of the credits of the first movie confirms that a sequel is in the works. However save for Tom Holland expecting to reprise his role as Peter Parker/Spider-Man, not much is known about the follow-up.

Spider-Man Spinoff Movie ‘Morbius’ Reportedly In The Works

The Spider-Man franchise plays home to many superheroes and villains, which to be honest Sony has only scratched the surface of. However it seems that the company is working at bringing more of the Spider-Man universe onto the big screen because according to a report from The Hollywood Reporter, a new Spider-Man spinoff movie is in the works.