Several years ago, Netflix landed a pretty big deal with Disney in which the platform could stream Disney’s shows. Given that Disney plays home to a ton of movies and TV shows, it was a pretty good move on Netflix’s part, but unfortunately it seems that Netflix will not be able to reap the rewards for much longer.

Disney has recently announced that they will be ending their distribution deal with Netflix and will instead be launching its own streaming service, which is expected to kick off in 2019, which means that those who want to get in on it will still have a bit of waiting to do. However in the meantime it’s not as if Disney will be yanking all of its contents off Netflix right away.

According to Disney, they plan to cut Netflix off starting with the company’s 2019 films, which means that Netflix gets to keep all of the Disney movies through the end of 2018, so fans of Star Wars should be able to stream at least the next two Star Wars movies, save for the final episode in the new trilogy, which does seem a bit mean but hey, business is business, right?

Like we said, Disney is home to more than just cartoons as the company also Disney also owns Marvel and Star Wars, so those are two universes which have pretty huge fan bases on their own which could very well subscribe to Disney’s service just to access its content.

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