It’s never an ideal scenario when you’re locked out of an online account. It can prove to be a major frustration when you absolutely need to gain access to that account in order to finish your work on time. Since many find it difficult to keep track of emergency backup codes or can’t sometimes reliably receive text messages, Dropbox has developed a new solution to ensure that users can swiftly regain access to their locked accounts.

The new solution developed by Dropbox can be used as a backup in situations where it’s not possible to receive a text message or use a two-factor authentication code generator or a U2F security key.

Starting today, the Dropbox mobile app can be used to verify a user’s identity. When signing in, a notification can be sent to the Dropbox app on the user’s phone and they just have to tap a button to finish the sign in process. This eliminates the need to receive a text message and manually enter a code.

Mobile prompts prove to be particularly helpful as a backup option when there’s no cell signal but Wi-Fi is available. This will prove to be useful on airplanes as well where security codes can’t be received by text message but Wi-Fi functionality is there.

Users can access mobile prompts for two-step verification by clicking on the “Having trouble getting a code?” link after they enter their email and password on

Mobile prompts with two-step verification work on iOS and Android.

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