When you think of smart and connected homes, maybe you might think of devices like the Hue smart lightbulbs from Philips. Now if you’ve been considering equipping your home with these devices, you’ll be pleased to learn that Philips has recently announced that they have updated the Hue lineup with more bundle options that are cheaper.

Prior to this if you wanted to get a Hue starter kit, you’d have to fork out $180 for the bundle which comes with the bridge and three bulbs. However with this update, Philips is now offering customers four A19 bulbs and the bridge for $200. Granted it is more expensive compared to the previous bundle, but an extra $20 for an additional bulb does make it more worth it, especially since one bulb by itself is priced at $50.

Alternatively if you don’t need that many bulbs, you can opt for the two-pack of White-only bulbs at $100, or the White and Color Ambiance starter kit at $150. This should make the Hue lineup more accessible to those who want to make their homes “smarter”, especially since Philips made them HomeKit compatible a couple of years ago which means that you’ll be able to control them via the Home app on your iOS device.

Of course Philips isn’t the only company making smart lightbulbs and you can seek alternatives, like those from IKEA, but if you’ve enjoyed the company’s products then hopefully these new prices will encourage more new customers to the company’s platform.

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