When it comes to wearables, these devices are typically separated into two categories where one is a fitness tracker and one is a smartwatch. The differences is usually in the features and design, where some fitness trackers don’t even come with displays and will offer users more robust fitness tracking capabilities.


Smartwatches on the other hand are usually seen as devices that can tell the time, display notifications from your smartphone, control music playback, and just activities in general. However Samsung’s upcoming wearable could be a mix of both. The company has recently sent out a survey to members of its SmartLab Plus program and based on the description, it seems like the company’s next wearable could be a hybrid of sorts.

The description reads, “The new product concept takes the best bits from Gear S3 and Gear Fit 2,” and it also explains that the new product will come “in the form of a smartwatch (rather than an activity tracker)”. That being said such a device isn’t exactly groundbreaking since Apple has positioned its Apple Watch to double as a smartwatch and a fitness tracker.

Exactly what kind of device this ends up being remains to be seen, but IFA is around the corner and Samsung is expected to announce their Galaxy Note 8 handset then, so it is possible that the company could also unveil their next wearable as well.

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