The idea behind electric vehicles is that it is supposed to be greener, meaning that because it doesn’t consume fuel, we reduce our need on the resource, and it also means that less pollutants are emitted. While we’re still a long ways to go from an all electric vehicle society, over in the UK they are working towards that goal.

The UK’s Royal Mail service has recently announced a partnership with Arrival in which they will be turning to the use of electric vans to help make their deliveries. At the moment only nine commercial trucks will be used and will be operating out of the Royal Mail’s central London depot, but we expect that over time more of the Royal Mail’s fleet could also be converted to electric vans.

Prior to the partnership with Arrival, the Royal Mail had also entered into an agreement with Peugeot in which they committed themselves to buying 100 all-electric vans from the company. These vans are expected to go into service this December, and the Royal Mail will also be installing charging points at delivery offices across the UK to help recharge these electric vans in between deliveries.

As Engadget points out, the Royal Mail has a fleet of 49,000 vehicles which means that the total number of electric vans that will be used represents but a fraction of the total, but we guess it’s still better than nothing.

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