When Apple launched the iPhone X, one of the new features of the iPhone was the introduction of Face ID which is a facial recognition system. This went against earlier rumors that suggested that Apple would be trying to implement an under screen fingerprint sensor, but instead it seems like Apple decided to do away with Touch ID completely.


However could it be that Apple is still exploring that idea? In a recently discovered patent, it seems that the Cupertino company has patented an idea of an ultrasonic force sensor which could potentially be used for an under screen Touch ID. This is actually not the first time we have heard that Apple could have used ultrasonic technology to scan for fingerprints, and Apple is also not alone in exploring that idea as companies such as Qualcomm have come up with similar solutions.

Some have questioned Apple’s decision to launch Face ID, and a report from earlier this month suggested that the decision was made well in advance and that it was not a last minute decision. The report claims that Apple had explored the idea for an under screen fingerprint sensor, but early on decided that facial recognition held more potential.

We are also hearing rumors that in 2018, there is a chance that all of Apple’s iPhones could come with Face ID should the feature be well-received when the iPhone X is released later this November.

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