#IFA2017 – Thanks to Amazon making Alexa almost immediately available to third-party developers right out of the door, it has helped spur the creation of a host of devices that are integrating Alexa support into them, such as speakers, smartphones, and even headphones, which is the case for Bragi.

During IFA 2017, the company announced that their Bragi Dash headphones will be getting a software update later this year which will introduce Amazon Alexa integration into them. Basically what this means is that using the headphones and the built-in microphone, users will be able to activate Alexa via voice commands and have access to the thousands of Alexa skills that are currently available, such as being able to control certain smart home devices, calling for an Uber, ordering a pizza, asking for the news or weather, and so on.

Bragi’s headphones are definitely not the first set of headphones to receive Alexa integration, but it definitely seems to be pointing towards a trend in which we are starting to see more headphone makers try to make their headphones more functional beyond just being able to playback audio.

In fact recent reports have even suggested that Google could be making their own pair of headphones that will feature Google Assistant integration, although whether or not the reports are true remains to be seen.

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