Not all photos are taken equally. There are some who are more skilled at composition a shot and editing it, while some don’t really care and just upload whatever they capture, blurry photo or not. However Facebook wants to change that, or at least help users improve their photos when it comes to 360-degree photo uploads.

As you might have heard, Facebook is allowing users to upload 360-degree photos onto its platform, where when paired with a VR headset will allow users to enjoy these photos in virtual reality. However like we said, not all photos are captured equally, but Facebook is now planning to use AI to help improve photos uploaded onto the social network.

Basically Facebook’s system will take a photo and outputs a pair of values for the tilt and roll correction needed in order to bring the horizon of a photo in line, where they’re ultimately trying to avoid users feeling like they are viewing an image that is crooked, which could be a problem especially when viewed in a more immersive setting like VR.

However it should be noted that right now the system isn’t in production, but Facebook is researching it and apparently it shows some promise, so that’s something that we could look forward to in the future.

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