The Google Drive app for the PC and Mac has been around for a very long time and basically provides users with access to their Drive account and files without having to go through the web interface. Unfortunately it looks like the app will soon be going away, according to an announcement by Google.

According to Google, support for Google Drive on the PC and/or Mac will be ending on the 11th of December. This means that users can still use the app, but don’t expect any future updates or support in general. However this is meant to act as a transition because come 12th of March, 2018, the app will stop working entirely.

Instead it seems that Google wants users to transition to their other app called Backup and Sync which was initially announced back in June. Backup and Sync is meant to replace the Google Drive app and is supposed to be a more cohesive experience. The app was released to the public last month and it looks like Google wants users to start using it.

As the name suggests, Backup and Sync will backup the files on your computer and sync it with Google Drive. This is versus the older method in which users had to use Google Drive for files, and Google Photos for photos. Alternatively Google has also launched an app called Drive File Stream which is aimed more towards business/enterprise users.

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