LG’s interest in virtual reality (VR) isn’t new, and in fact back in 2015 the company launched a headset designed for the LG G3 that was similar to the Google Cardboard. The company then followed up with the LG 360 VR in 2016, and earlier this year LG teamed up with Valve to create the LG SteamVR headset.


The headset was unveiled earlier this year during the Game Developers Conference where it was shown off in its developer kit form, and after that we haven’t really heard much about it since, at least until now where a tweet by Silicon Valley Virtual Reality (via UploadVR) showed off the headset where it made an appearance at the Korean VR Festival.

As UploadVR notes, the design of the developer kit of the headset remains unchanged from when it was first unveiled, which means as far as the design is concerned, there does seem to be anything done to it. It is possible that LG has made changes under the hood, but that is unclear just by looking at it.

However the appearance at the Korean VR Festival does help to reassure LG fans that the headset doesn’t seem to have been cancelled or forgotten, although if you were hoping for a mainstream release, it’s starting to feel that a release in 2018 and not 2017 is a safer bet.

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