There are plenty of tasks that robots are obviously ideal for, but there are some tasks or jobs that some might argue robots can’t necessarily replace humans, such as art-related jobs where creativity might not be a robot’s strong suit, but it doesn’t seem to have stopped people from trying.

Musician Nigel Stanford has recently put out his latest music video titled “Automatica”, in which it features Stanford and a bunch of robotic arms jamming together, in which the robots seem to pull off playing certain instruments with eerie precision. The robots were supplied by Kuka Robotics, a company based in Germany where they specialize in creating industrial robotic systems.

It seems that Stanford spent a good month in his garage teaching the robotic arms to play various instruments, such as the piano, strumming a bass guitar, and manipulating the turntables. The robots are also capable of playing drums, which on paper should be a cinch since sometimes the hand-eye coordination of human drummers aren’t alway so perfect.

According to Stanford, “I wanted to explore the concepts of robotics, the singularity, Artificial Intelligence etc. I also just thought it would be cool to see a robot explode a piano.” We doubt that robots will be taking over the role of musicians anytime soon, but if this video proves anything, from a commercial point of view it could be cheaper than hiring sessionists in the future.

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