With the Nintendo Wii U being the flop that it was, it’s safe to say that Nintendo really needed a winner with the Nintendo Switch, and it seems that they have managed to achieve that by selling as many as 2.4 million units around the world about a month after its launch. In fact over in Japan, the Switch managed to sell 300,000 units within its first week.

Fast forward several months, we’re sure some are wondering how the sales of the console are doing, and according to the latest figures from Famitsu, it seems that sales of the Switch are doing just fine. In fact to date the console has managed to sell 1.5 million units in Japan alone, although we’re not sure what its worldwide figures are to date, save from what we heard back in April earlier this year.

It seems that there have been a couple of games that might have helped spur the console’s sales in the country, such as Splatoon 2 and Monster Hunter XX, which for now remains exclusive to Japan (although if you change your eShop to Japan you can get your hands on it, but don’t expect a localized version just yet).

With quite a few more big name titles on its way, we expect that interest in the Switch will continue to remain high, especially with titles like a Pokemon RPG and Super Smash Bros. still having yet to be launched.

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