Self-driving cars appear to be the way of the future which is why it is understandable that there are quite a few companies who are hopping on board the bandwagon. In fact earlier this year it was reported that Samsung was given approval to test self-driving cars in South Korea, and now it looks like they’ll be testing it stateside as well.


According to reports, California’s DMV has given Samsung the greenlight to test self-driving cars on the streets of California. Samsung won’t actually be building the cars themselves, but rather it seems that they are using modified Hyundai cars that come equipped with a variety of sensors and other hardware that are built by Samsung.

Samsung’s self-driving plans aren’t new, and in fact it was reported back in 2015 that the company was interested in developing the technology. However for Samsung it seems to be less about building the cars, but rather about building the technology to power these cars, so we doubt that Samsung has plans to go up against the likes of carmakers anytime soon.

In fact Samsung’s strategy seems to be in line with what other companies are doing, such as Apple who has recently also been approved to test self-driving cars.

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