Samsung is a company known for electronics like refrigerators, washing machines, TVs, computers, smartphones, and so on, but it seems that the company’s interest is expanding and to self-driving cars. In a report from The Investor, it seems that Samsung has been giving the greenlight to start testing out its self-driving cars in South Korea.


The report claims that the country’s Land Ministry had approved a test run of Samsung’s self-driving car which is under development at the moment. However before you get too excited at the idea of seeing Samsung-branded cars on the road, note that Samsung’s interest is more about developing sensors and computer modules for self-driving cars, as opposed to making the cars themselves.

Samsung is also looking into using AI and deep-learning technology to improve the capabilities of self-driving cars, especially in challenging weather conditions. Apple themselves have also been granted permission to test their technology over in California, and just like Samsung it has been suggested that Apple is looking more into developing the technology behind it as opposed to making a car themselves.

Given that Samsung also does a lot of behind-the-scenes work such as producing display panels, chipsets, and memory, it doesn’t really surprise us that this is an area that they would look into as well.

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