When it comes to cloud storage services, Dropbox is probably one such service that comes to mind. The company has been operating pretty much the same way over the years, retaining that familiar blue and white design that many are familiar with. However it seems that Dropbox has decided that maybe times are changing.

The company has recently taken the wraps off a brand new design that seems to suggest that they are going for a fresher and more energetic look. According to Dropbox, “As our mission has evolved from keeping files in sync to helping keep teams in sync, we realized our brand needs to change, too. Our new brand system shows that Dropbox isn’t just a place to store your files—it’s a living workspace that brings teams and ideas together. The look is expressive, with vibrant colors, rich imagery, a versatile typeface, and playful illustrations.”

In addition to the colorful new design, Dropbox has also redesigned its logo to make it look less like a box, but flatter and more like a surface. “Our old logo was a blue box that implied, “Dropbox is a great place to store stuff.” The new one is cleaner and simpler. And we’ve evolved it from a literal box, to a collection of surfaces to show that Dropbox is an open platform, and a place for creation.”

Given that Dropbox is just one of many cloud storage services available in the market today, we suppose it is understandable that they want to stand out from the crowd. Will they be successful? We suppose that remains to be seen, but in the meantime what do you guys think?

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