Recently you might have heard that Dropbox had decided to revamp themselves, giving themselves a brand new, youthful, and more energetic look, so to speak. However it seems that changing its look wasn’t all that Dropbox has up their sleeves because the company has recently announced a new plan called Dropbox Professional.

As the name implies, Dropbox Professional is a new plan launched by the company aimed towards more professional users rather than the casual one. The plan will come with two features called Dropbox Showcase and Dropbox Smart Sync. According to Dropbox, “Showcase gives you a new way to present your work in a single, professionally branded page—a great tool for designers, salespeople, and marketing pros.”

Smart Sync on the other hand isn’t a new feature per se, but according to Dropbox, they will be making it available to individuals for the first time. “With Smart Sync, you can choose to store files online-only, so they take up practically no space on your hard drive. You’ll still see your files right from your desktop, and any time you need to edit a file, it’s just a click away.”

In addition to these features, Dropbox Professional will also come with a whopping 1TB of storage space along with a bunch of other features like sharing controls, priority chat support, and more, and is priced at $19.99 a month.

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