When Apple launched the iPhone X, they announced their new Face ID facial recognition security feature which is said to be more secure than Touch ID. Apple also boasted how there is a very miniscule chance of the system getting fooled, thanks to their efforts at working with mask makers, makeup artists, and more.

So while maybe the artificial way of trying to trick technology may not work, but what about the natural way? How would the iPhone X’s Face ID fare against the likes of twins? That’s what the folks at Mashable set out to do when they recently published a video of two different sets of fraternal twins attempting to fool Face ID.

Unfortunately for Apple and Face ID, it seems that the system at the moment still isn’t as sophisticated enough to be able to tell twins apart because from the video, both attempts at tricking Face ID proved to be a success. The video also attempted some variations, like swapping twins and with/without glasses, and it all seemed to work anyway.

That being said, we highly doubt that this is going to be a deal-breaker for most users, although we suppose it does highlight that the system could stand to be improved upon, something which we imagine Apple will be working on for the future.

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