In computing there is term known as “garbage in, garbage out,” meaning that if you input garbage you should expect results that aren’t ideal as well. However in today’s modern society, technology has progressed to the point where it can anticipate our needs even before we ask for it. Think about the ads you see on websites for products you’ve searched for in the past.

That being said, how smart is today’s AI? In a recent study conducted by researchers at Cornell University, it seems that out of all the AI available to the public, Google’s is ranked the highest. According to researchers Feng Liu, Yong Shi, and Ying Liu, Google’s AI has an IQ of 47.28 which is based on tests conducted back in 2016.

This means that Google has an IQ score that sits slightly below that of a six-year-old human whose IQ is an average of 55.5. While that doesn’t seem too smart, Google’s AI seems to have beaten the competition by a huge margin. Take for example Siri, Apple’s digital assistant, who only scored 23.9 (which might explain why Apple is still working on improving it), and Microsoft’s Bing who scored 31.98, or China’s Baidu which scored 32.92.

In a way we suppose we should be glad that AI today isn’t quite as smart as a six year old. There are quite a few prominent names in the tech industry who are wary about AI being too smart, and since there has yet to be a six year old who has successfully taken over the world, we can continue to breathe easy for now.

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