Several years ago it was almost a guarantee that every phone that you bought would come bundled with a pair of earphones. It didn’t matter that for the most part they were cheap and flimsy, it was still a welcome bonus and useful for those who might not particularly care so much about sound, but more about functionality and convenience.


However Google hasn’t really been bundling headphones with its smartphones, and the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL are no exception, but it seems that at one point in time, this was something that Google had actually considered. In a tweet by developer Lucas Everett (via Android Police), it seems that he received a Pixel 2 handset from Verizon that came with packaging for what appeared to be earbud-styled headphones inside of the box.

There was also an included leaflet that suggested that the Pixel 2 would have been bundled with a pair of headphones and a USB-C adapter. Google has since confirmed that the packaging is real and that it was an early design, meaning that at some point in time the company did seriously bundling earphones with the handset, but ultimately chose not to.

We’re not sure what prompted them to change their minds, but regardless if you do need a pair of headphones to go with your new Pixel 2 or Pixel 2 XL phone, perhaps the Pixel Buds could be worth considering.

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