Until the day comes where we teleport to our locations or fly to them using personal jetpacks, traffic congestion is something we’ll just have to deal with. However Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk has plans to deal with this issue with the launch of The Boring Company where the idea is basically to bore tunnels beneath our roads as an alternative route for when traffic is bad.

Now we have seen some details of Musk’s project so far, such as a concept video of how it would work, and a few months ago Musk shared some real world footage of how cars would be lowered into the tunnels. Now in a recent post on his Instagram (via TechCrunch), Musk gives us a look at what the inside of the tunnels will look like.

The Boring Company tunnel under LA

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Admittedly there’s not much that can be gleaned from this photo as it could easily look like any other tunnel, although we can see some rails in which presumably that’s where the transportation device for your car will sit on to take you to the next location. For those wondering, the current dig location is set just outside of LA where it will more or less test the feasibility of the plan, although the company has also recently received provisional approval to start digging in Maryland as well.

There’s no telling if and when The Boring Company will ever launch the project since there are probably a lot of factors and hurdles to overcome, but it’s nice to see progress being made. Alternatively if Musk can shoot cars down tunnels, there’s always the Hyperloop project to look forward to.

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