Going to a fast food outlet and ordering your meal is pretty standard. You go up to the counter, you tell the person behind the counter what you want, pay for it, collect your food, and you’re good to go. However in recent times many companies are starting to look to different models, and Shake Shack is one of them.

In a report from CNBC, Shake Shack’s upcoming kiosk in New York City will be the first-ever cashless kiosk that the company plans to launch. In fact it is also expected to be a venue where the company will be able to experiment and test out different digital innovations and methods of connecting with its customers.

By going cashless, what this means is that customers who want to make a purchase will have to rely on digital kiosks or use an app on their mobile phones to place an order, with the orders going directly to the kitchen where your food will be prepared. Apparently this is one of the ways the company plans on eliminating “friction” during the entire process.

It will also be the first Shake Shack to not accept cash, and according to the company’s CEO Randy Garutti, they want to see if eliminating cash entirely will make the dining experience more seamless. Like we said, many companies are testing out various methods of ordering, like Starbucks where customers can place orders beforehand, or McDonald’s where they are launching touchscreen counters where customers can place orders without having to go through a cashier.

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