If there was one main criticism that many gamers had when Super Mario Run was launched was its price tag. Sure, the game was free up to a certain extent, but gamers who wanted more content and features would have to fork out $10 for everything, which as far as mobile games are concerned is pricey.

However the good news is that if you’ve been holding out on purchasing the game, Nintendo has announced that from the 29th of September until the 12th of October, Super Mario Run will be discounted and have its price slashed by 50%, meaning that the game will only cost you $5 if you were to purchase it within that particular time period. After that we expect the price to go back to normal levels.

In addition to the price cut, Nintendo will also be introducing a bunch of new content to the game. This includes the “Daisy” character and an additional 9 levels that will be unlocked once you’ve completed all the existing stages. There will also be new enemies, new coin-collecting challenges, an additional game mode called Remix 10, and more. These changes will be permanent so it is only the price cut that is temporary.

While Super Mario Run was initially well-received, it seems that interest in the game died off pretty quickly, but perhaps with the addition of this new content it will be able to bring gamers back into the fold.

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