While Super Mario Run wasn’t Nintendo’s first mobile gaming efforts, it did represent for the first time Mario was available on mobile devices in an official capacity, and the numbers certainly show just that. According to Nintendo’s latest financials, it was revealed that the game has since been downloaded nearly 150 million times.

Last we checked, which was back in January earlier this year, Super Mario Run was downloaded 78 million times, so for Nintendo nearly double that amount in 3 months is pretty impressive. However we guess the fact that it was later released on Android did help a bit with those numbers.

Unfortunately as you might have heard, the sales of the game did not meet the company’s expectations. In case you don’t know, Super Mario Run is a free game where you get to experience the first few levels of the game for free, and after that you’ll need to pay $10 to unlock everything else.

$10 is a bit steep considering that there are plenty of mobile games that cost considerably less, and it is also a possible reason why the game isn’t selling as well as it could have, and it also doesn’t look like Nintendo will be lowering the price anytime soon either.

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