Computer programming has come a long way from back in the day where it was mostly seen as something that only “nerds” would do. These days the importance of learning how to code is being extolled by various leaders around the world, whether it be politicians, CEOs of companies, and so on.


In fact recently Apple’s CEO Tim Cook was quoted as saying in an interview with Kobini (via 9to5Mac) that he believes that learning to code could be more important than learning English. Cook’s comment was made during his tour of France, where he suggested that learning to code would allow a young French student to be able to reach the entire world. He also stressed that he doesn’t think learning English isn’t important, but rather he believes that learning to code should be made a requirement in schools all over the world.

Apple’s interest in educating the younger generation on coding isn’t new. The company has launched several initiatives in the past to encourage the learning, such as through apps like Swift Playgrounds and collaborations with toymakers like Tynker. Cook is also not the first to suggest that coding should be made a requirement in schools.

Former US President Barack Obama had praised the idea of coding being a required learning subject in schools. We’ve also seen how some high schools in the US have made it a requirement in order to graduate.

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