Sometimes we have multiple errands to run in a day, which means that we might have to make multiple stops and go to different destinations. Now if you’d rather not drive yourself and deal with the hassle of parking, or taking public transportation, perhaps you could consider paying for an Uber.

This is because Uber has recently announced that they will be adding a new feature to its service that will allow riders to make multiple stops. Prior to this, riders could make unofficial arrangements with their drivers if they need multiple stops, or make separate bookings which can be troublesome, so hopefully this new feature will be able to satisfy both riders and drivers.

According to Uber, “To use the feature, tap “where to?” and then “+”. Add the addresses of your stops, and then request your ride. Should you need to make changes during your trip, you can also add and remove stops in real time. Your driver will automatically receive directions to each of the stops so you can sit back and relax.”

However it seems that Uber is advising riders to keep their stops to 3 minutes or less, but we suppose that is completely reasonable since having an Uber driver wait for you for an hour when they could be taking up other trips doesn’t seem fair (although we wonder if this could be considered as a “longer pickup”, in which drivers can charge more). The feature should already be live so do check it out if you’re interested.

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